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 Tips to Beat the Heat on The Golf Course

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PostSubject: Tips to Beat the Heat on The Golf Course   Thu Dec 19, 2013 9:26 am

Hi Golfers,

How are you doing? Here we would like to share some tips to protect yourselves from the hot weather. Hopefully by following the tips you still can enjoy play under the sun!

* Carry water bottle and always refill it at every opportunity to keep you hydrated.
* Begin drink before your game and continue drink for your entire round.
* Avoid sugary beverages that are full of caffeine. Laughing
* Also avoid alcohol during hot weather. Beer & liquor drink can contribute to dehydration.
* Always carry SPF sunblock and apply before your game. To protect your skin.
* Wear sunglasses. To protect your eyes from UV Rays 8 )
* Wear a hat to protect from direct sun
* Take a cool shower before & after your round.
* Relax & enjoy yourselves. Move slowly if you can. Very Happy

Till then..

**(source: Google)
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Tips to Beat the Heat on The Golf Course
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