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Round 2 started somewhat the same as Round 1. For me the optimism is higher that I will perform better. Not counting the chicken eggs though. Tee time remains the same at 7.38am but we are to off from 10th Tee Vanda Course instead of Dendro.

Arrived OCC clubhouse slightly earlier this time round at 6.50am for registration. Collected my score card but no more voluntary giving of free magazine from Singapore Senior Golfers Association. The magazines are still there for the taking and if we want another copy I am sure the nice people from SGA wouldn’t mind you taking it. It will lighten their load of having to bring them back to their office. Thanks but no thanks for me. Hang around the changing room as usual since there’s still more than enough time before tee time.

It's 7.15am and time’s up, so i head for the buggy terminal.

The Official waved for flight 7.30am to set off for Vanda Course. We wished each the best and good luck, especially me, I needed it. Why? Not enough skill so need luck, that’s why. Today, I got Chong to ride with me in the buggy so I am not alone anymore. No more Home Alone. No more privilege single-seater buggy. But Chong’s a nice guy to share buggy with me. I am fortunate. Five minutes later we were asked to set off for Vanda Course Tee Box.

Then our turn came and the Starter called out just like yesterday at Dendro. First to tee off, Mr. Francis Chia Kok Hui. Mr. Chong Cheong Heng to tee off next, and followed by Puan Puan dan Tuan Tuan. Ok, now I serious liao. After the conclusion of Round 1, I can now safely say that my game is more exciting that these 2 better golfers because I played 93. It' would be boring if I had played between 85 and 87 but of course I would have a different story to write. So our turns came.


Hole 10 – 335m Par 4 Index 14
Shot 1 – Driver sent the ball 225m to the left but near centre of fairway.
Shot 2 – With 110m to green, again used 8i but duffed it, again, and ball went only 35m and in the rough. With 75m to flag, used 9i to compensate for ball position in rough.
Shot 3 – Hit the equator of the ball and it was seen screaming past the flag and into the back of the ground and down the slippery slope. OMG! In the watery grave behind the green. Cannot drop ball as it would send my ball speeding down the slope and into water again. Asked flight mates what the ruling was and was told I can place the ball since slope is steep.
Shot 5 – Chipped with 9i and ball landed on fringe of green, only just and 30’ away from hole.
Shot 6 – Putted and ball went for direction of hole, and stopped 3” short of it. Damned.
Shot 7 – Tapped in for triple bogey. Waaah! I have lots of catching up to do.

Hole 11 – 146m Par 3 Index 16
Shot 1 – The flag today seems to be at the centre of green. So kiasu a bit and used 6i to do the job. Swing and ball landed on slight left and back of green with a 10’ putt. Swee!
Shot 2 – Looks like straight to hole and therefore aim straight for hole. Ball have other idea just like yesterday nearly kissed the lip and ended up 4” to right of hole.
Shot 3 – Tapped in for Par. Good job and patted myself on the back.

Hole 12 – 343m Par 4 Index 12
Shot 1 – With driver in hand, sent ball past the right bunker with uphill 155m to hole. Better position than yesterday.
Shot 2 – Again uses 5w and OTG in 2 on right of hole. Perfect distance except the accuracy department needs looking into.
Shot 3 – Putted ball and it rolled past the hole by 1.5’.
Shot 4 – Tapped in Par. Great! I made up the triple bogey

Hole 13 – 133m Par 3 Index 18
Shot 1 – Tail wind I go with 7i, ball landed on right of bunker fronting the green. Lucky me! At least ball not in bunker.
Shot 2 – Chipped with 9i ball went 7’ left of hole.
Shot 3 – Slight downhill putt. Ball again went for hole only for it broke left and 6” from hole.
Shot 4 – Tapped in for bogey.

Hole 14 – 364m Par 4 Index 4
Shot 1 – Driver sent ball to right of fairway with 160m to flag. Not a bad shot.
Shot 2 – My favourite seems to be 5w and looks sensible to get it OTG. Hit ball on the tip of club and ball went right and about 25m to pin.
Shot 3 – My favourite chipping club is 9i. Chipped and ball ended on the right fringe. Shot 4 – Putted ball from fringe to 2’ right of hole.
Shot 5 – Tapped in for bogey.

Hole 15 – 414m Par 5 Index 6
Shot 1 – This hole no Driver please with strong tail wind. so 3w it shall be. Whacked that bugger and duffed it and ball lie in the rough. Si Peh Lao Qwee. (Embarrassing) Fortunately it went past the Ladies Tee.
Shot 2 – Cannot chiong (charge) because ball in the rough. So use 7i to lay up before water. Katupooi! Duffed once again and ball traveled only 70m but at least it’s on the fairway.
Shot 3 – It’s now or never. I have to chiong this time. With 3w, I did it with finesse. Very happy with shot. Ball sailed over the water to the centre left of fairway. Not an ideal position but good enough to put it on in 4 and see if can pick up par with only 90m to pin.
Shot 4 – Again use 9i to hit ball and duffed it once again and ball nearly went into bunker, except that it did not. What’s wrong with me har?
Shot 5 – Use Pw this time to chip ball on green and it went past the flag to the left and 11’ away. Sian! Downhill putt again. This time to save bogey.
Shot 6 - Putted ball close to hole and it veered 1’ to right.
Shot 7 – Tapped in for double bogey. At least it’s 1 shot better than Round 1/

Hole 16 – 328m Par 4 Index 8
Shot 1 – I remember during Round 1, I sent the ball into the left bunker. This time I will aim centre. But as fate would have it, the ball again went left towards the direction of the bunker. Geez! This is just not my day. On reaching the bunker, pleasant surprise. Ball is not in bunker after all. It’s in the rough and lie seems good, well at least better than in bunker. The electrical workers are still there but today they are on the left of this bunker minding their own business.
Shot 2 – With 145m to green, was thinking whether to use 5w or 5i. Final decision, stick to 5i as 5w may send ball over to the watery grave behind. Wise decision though it didn’t do the job effectively as I once again duffed it and left it with 35m to the green.
Shot 3 – My favourite 9i came into play again got the chip. Sent it past the green to the back fringe as I, yes, you guessed it, top the ball.
Shot 4 – Putted it near to hole but short with 2’ to go.
Shot 5 –Tap-in bogey for this hole. Improve by 2 strokes over Round 1 for this hole.

Hole 17 – 294m Par 4 Index 10
Shot 1 – Driver sent ball right to the middle of fairway. Longest drive among the 3 of us. Actually, the lower handicapper was further but his ball is in the rough so tak kira (not counted).
Shot 2 – Only 85m to green. Kiasu a bit because of strong headwind, used 9i to get ball OTG. It went past the pin stopping 15’ away. Happy man!
Shot 3 – Easy, slight downhill putt for birdie. Tweet! Tweet! And it flew away 5” to the left of hole.
Shot 4 – Tapped in Par. Sweet return to golf.

Hole 18 – 404m Par 5 Index 2
Shot 1 – This time the Driver is a little obedient and didn’t send ball to right bunker but it’s still in the rough on right of fairway with just 205m to hole after the right bunker.
Shot 2 – With 205m to hole, tried using 5w to get ball out of rough and as usual get ball near as possible to the green. Duffed! How come ah? Keep calm and you can still get it OTG in 3, said it to myself.
Shot 3 – Uphill green and 100m to go, 8i should do the trick. Katupooi! And ball went straight into bunker guarding the green.
Shot 4 – Ball in bunker, sand so soft I muttered to myself to just get ball on the green and hope I can execute a good sand shot to the flag near the centre back. Whack! Ball came out of bunker, only just and did not reached the green.
Shot 5 – Putted from outside fringe and ball (since my chipping skill could have been better) went happily rolling until it came to a stop, 6’ short of hole.
Shot 6 – Pray and hope putt go in since it’s somewhat level. Aim straight for hole and it veered left to 1’ of hole.
Shot 7 – Tapped in for double bogey. Now that’s 1 stroke worse that Round 1. Am I happy, honestly, No, it could have been better.

Score for 1st Nine from 10th Tee – 46. That’s an improvement of 2 strokes from Round 1. Today I am prepared for the hunger. I brought along bread bun in case I got hungry which I obviously am. I have to play the 2nd Nine score of 88 and below to get any change of making the cut. I am not sure if that would be enough but that’s my target. We set off for Dendro Hole 1 Tee box. The bitch (Brown female dog I saw in Round 1, remember?) is not around to watch us play golf, though I was looking forward to meeting her.


Hole 1 – 476m Par 5 Index 4
Shot 1 – Everyone’s ball was on the fairway, well, except mine. It went right and hit the cluster of tress. Searched for ball thinking it should be “tree under” without success. Went further back and saw ball nestling in the rough and blocked by all the tress in front. Shot 2 - Took 5w to gain as much distance as possible since my tee shot went bare 140m. Katupooi! (I would have preferred the Malay food Ketupat, anytime) Ball hit tree on its way to the left fairway but did not reach the fairway. I will surely die today. 1st hole of 2nd Nine already so screwed.
Shot 3 – With ball still in the rough, again the trusty 5w (or so I thought) the overhanging tree branch is blocking my ball flight and I have to play left. Novices never learn their lesson, do we? Hit a good contact and ball went screaming to the left fairway, past the fairway and again in the rough.
Shot 4 – Now, with 190m to slight uphill green can I make it OTG in 4 with my 3w? Step behind the ball and stared straight at the flag. Macam pro! Readied and hit ball and ball went straight for flag, only for it to run out of steam and stop short of the bunker on the left. Damned!
Shot 5 – 40m to flag and opted for 9i to chip it to pin. Hit the ball on its skull and fortunately in didn’t end up in the bunker right in front of it but went gleefully past the flag and onto the green, 40’ away. Geez!
Shot 6 – Downhill putt and ball went 7’ left of hole.
Shot 7 – Sidehill putt and breaking right to left. Can I make the double bogey putt? Obviously I did not. It slit pass the hole 1’ to the left.
Shot 8 – Now I am in trouble. No more confidence with my putting, unlike Round 1. Can I even make the 1’ putt? I am beginning to doubt myself. Hit the ball a little firmer and it went in for triple bogey. 3 putts. So much for a better round. I am in deep trouble.

Hole 2 – 304m Par 4 Index 14
Shot 1 - Ball on right fairway near 110m marker. Nearly the same as Round 1. I am Happy once again.
Shot 2 – Again with 8i I proceed to duff the ball and it ran for about 75m.
Shot 3 – Pw got the ball onto the green easily as it pick up speed past the hole 20’ away to the right.
Shot 4 – I got a tricky putt and could not decide whether it’s a right left or left right. My Sifu once taught me. “When in doubt, putt straight”. That I did and found out quickly the it was not to be. Ball went right to left and quickly past the hole 5’ away. Now I have a 5’ uphill putt.
Shot 5 – Since the ball went right to left, it should be left to right on the way up. I have to make it. Dang! That I didn’t do as ball stopped short8” short of hole.
Shot 6 – Tapped in for double bogey and another 3 putts. My world came crumbling down after 3 putting the 2 holes.

Hole 3 – 451m Par 5 Index 2
Shot 1 – Driver sent the ball to middle of fairway. I have lots to make up.
Shot 2 – Similar to Round 1 I have about 235m to reach the green Again my 3w came into play. Hit a little fade (though it’s not my intention) but I am happy with the shot and the ball traveled 175m.
Shot 3 - 65m uphill shot I used Pw and proceed to slice the ball as it landed past the green on the right. .
Shot 4 – Used 9i to chip and it was OTG 12’ away from hole.
Shot 5 – Looks like a right to left putt for me. Putted and it’s correct but it went past the hole 6” away.
Shot 6 – Tapped in bogey.

Hole 4 – 149m Par 3 Index 16
Shot 1 – This time I opted for 5i as flag is further back on green. I immediately proceed to duff the ball and it went to Japan on the eastern side of the hole.
Shot 2 – Now left with 35m to the flag I use, you guessed it, my trusty 9i to chip it. Instead I hit the equator and it was sent sprinting past the hole and into the rough at the back of the green. My flight mates must be losing their patience on me or perhaps watching my adventures that had just begun from 10th tee.
Shot 3 – 25m to pin I chipped with Pw and ball landed short of hole.
Shot 4 – Looks like a little right to left putt to me. Putted and it came to brief 8” short of hole.
Shot 5 – Tapped in for double bogey. By now, I am beginning to doubt that I will be able to make it past the qualifying round/ Goodbye tournament!

Hole 5 – 335m Par 4 Index 10
Shot 1 – Pushed ball with driver and sent it to the rough right of fairway.
Shot 2 –In the rough and 155m to green, 5w should do the trick to get the ball OTG. I pulled it to the left of the rough and nearly into the Seletar Reservoir. But as fate would have it, it waited patiently for me in the rough 35m to green. I could get it OTG in 3 and get away with a bogey and possibly a Par.
Shot 3 – Pw put the ball into the front bunker instead of on the green, again. I topped it. My body swing is not synchronized with my other parts of the body.
Shot 4 – Somehow I managed to get the ball OTG with my Sw, fortunately and only just made it past the fringe.
Shot 5 – Downhill putt and 25’ to pin, I seems to be losing focus on the slope of the green. I proceed to putt like a Zombie and ball just went past the hole 6’ away.
Shot 6 – I putted straight and ball curled to right 1.5’ away from hole.
Shot 7 – Tapped in for triple bogey. Same score as Round 1. By then all hopes of making the cut line has totally deserted me. Another 3 putts. Just can’t wait for the tournament to conclude.

Hole 6 – 414m Par 5 Index 6
Shot 1 – As learned from Round 1, I used 3w instead of Driver just to be safe. Pulled the shot and it sailed into the bunker, just like Round 1.
Shot 2 – The lie looks good as ball was sitting up. 5w should carry ball over the water. Proceed to immediately send the ball into the front water instead of over. Haiz! Just not my day. God! When will this suffering end?
Shot 4 – With 160m to flag, dropped ball and whacked with 5w carrying a little divot along. But ball is safely over the water.
Shot 5 – 60m to flag, Pw for me. OTG in 5 but 25’ away to the right.
Shot 6 – Downhill putt, right to left green. Hit a little too hard. Man, the green was fast. Or was I losing my concentration. Guess it’s the latter. Ball went speeding past the hole stopping 5’ away.
Shot 7 – Up hill putt now. Left to right. Putted it short. No more feel. Totally lost it and it stop 3” short of hole.
Shot 8 – Tapped in for triple bogey. Dang! Another 3 putts.

Hole 7 – 314m Par 4 Index 8
Shot 1 – Drove ball to left rough with 135m to pin. With overhang branch from a skinny tree in front I could not have a direct shot at the green. Will see if I can draw the ball, miss the branch and towards the green.
Shot 2 – The 5i, draw alright. It did not hit the branch but went straight for the greenside bunker on the right. I can’t draw the ball, I realize. Draw cartoons maybe. I looked like a cartoon.
Shot 3 – Similar to Round 1, I couldn’t get the ball out of bunker in 1. Why are some of these holes repeating Round 1 scores. Repeat the good ones lah! Aiyo! I mumbled to myself.
Shot 4 – Manage to get ball OTG, and to right of hole, 15’ away.
Shot 5 – The putt did not drop and rolled gently past the hole 1.5’ away.
Shot 6 – Tap in for double bogey. What can I say?

Hole 8– 142m Par 4 Index 18
Shot 1 – Distance is about right this today. So I opted for 6i. Duffy ball and it landed 30m short of green.
Shot 2 – Using 8i to chip and roll, I did not execute the shot well and skulled it. Ball rolled happily past the hole sitting 18’ away to the right.
Shot 3 – Downhill Par putt coming up. Ball had different idea. It doesn’t want to enter the hole, yet and came to rest 3’ away.
Shot 4 – Tapped in bogey for me. I thought I can do it confidently. Instead, putter face opened and ball went 4” right of hole.
Shot 5 – Tapped in for double bogey. Si pei sian ah! Another 3 putts. I want to go home.

Hole 9 – 267m Par 4 Index 12
Shot 1 – It’s now or never. Last hole to salvage some pride. Driver in hand, gave the ball a good wallop and a Teochew man came screaming out of the ball as it veered badly to left towards the pump room.
Shot 2 – Spent nearly 5 minutes looking for ball. Thought ball was easily seen as there’s no thick vegetation. And then I moved forward towards the green electrical box. Yes, ball was sitting on the fairway to right of electrical box. Only 85m to green. I kiasu so used 8i just to make it get OTG. Long never mind as long as not in bunker. Katupooi! Ball traveled 50m and landed in bunker.
Shot 3 – Mind always play tricks. The more you think of avoiding it the more likely it will happen. It no longer matter what I play. So just simply hit the ball out from bunker. It landed on the fringe.
Shot 4 – Since my irons sucks, putting would be a better option. Like my good friend always advice me, “A poor putt is better than a lousy chip”. So putt I did and went on its way rest 10’ left of hole.
Shot 5 – Trying to salvage a bogey would be tough. Tapped ball to right of hole and it went past it 2’ away.
Shot 6 – Tapped in for double bogey.

Score for 2nd Nine – 58. Would you freaking believe it? An adventure I have for this 2nd Nine, including lots of frustration. I am beginning to sense the Almighty One is punishing me. Maybe I was thinking of work. Too much things to do in office and I still want to play golf. Serve you right!

Summary: Terrible day. Either I work harder on my irons or go to the mountains. As for future tournaments, like what the Terminator said, “I’ll be back!”
Scorecard: 104
Fairways hit: 6 of 14
Putting: 37. That’s 5 more that Round 1.
Lost balls: 1

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Uncle Lau
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Thanks bro, that was exciting ! Very Happy
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thks TDO fr sharg! Wink
i hope to b able to play golf still by tat age! Very Happy
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Highly Valued Member

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ghkh wrote:
thks TDO fr sharg! Wink
i hope to b able to play golf still by tat age! Very Happy
Don't worry too much bro. I am only 57 and looking to at least another 18 years of golfing. Cool
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Familiar Face
Familiar Face

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TDO not only can play but writes well! Thx for sharing ...interesting read cheers
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how can you remember so much detail?

i think my brain is functioning as a 70 year old ...
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Highly Valued Member

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s-killer wrote:
how can you remember so much detail?

i think my brain is functioning as a 70 year old ...


I am only 57. Actually it is very easy to remember. Mark on your score cards whether your tee shots hit fairways, how many putts, etc. The rest if you use photographic memory when you hit your shots, it's plain sailing. Remember some scorecards show the layout of the hole. Simply mark an (x) of where your ball land on the hole layout or use red ink pen to put a dot on the spot and you are on your way there.

Of course after a certain number of days, say, 1 week, the picture may not be as clear. But if you do the above, you will not forget that hole, that easily.

So far, thankfully, I can still remember where my ball landed and thereabout.

However, despite doing the above my game is still not there, unlike way back in 2002. Sad Cool
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