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 1st Singapore National Senior Amateur Championship

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PostSubject: 1st Singapore National Senior Amateur Championship   Fri Nov 23, 2012 3:35 pm


After waiting for about 2 months for the day to beckon, it has finally arrived today.

This is the first time I am taking part in a tournament of this intensity. Well not really, I think. The 23rd Singapore Open Senior Amateur Championship is more intense, and I was possessed by an alien on the first day. Weather wise, I can't complain. It's simply nothing we can complain about.

Arrive OCC clubhouse at 6.55am for registration. Collected my score card and a free magazine from Singapore Senior Golfers Association. Sorry, no goodies bag for amateur tournaments. Sad Dilly-dallied in the changing room waiting for tee off time to beckon. 7.20am came out from changing room and took a spare score card along from the bag drop area.

Ok, time's up and I get to drive the buggy alone. Cool Special privilege for being the highest handicapper among the 3 golfers in my flight. Yes, that's right, there are only 3 balls per flight for this tournament. Guess this is to speed up play too, like the PGA (tio bo har) or probably the registration is not full booked. Very Happy We set off for Dendro course. There on the fairway about 220m from the tee box (White Tee) there is bitch (a big brown stray dog). Please be patient, I like to tell stories first while waiting to tee off and sometimes stray when writing my hole-by-hole adventures. Bear with me first hor, please.

I asked the Marshal whose dog is that on the centre of the Dendro Hole 1 fairway about 220m from the tee box. The Marshall said it's a stray and said initially, this dog have 4 other siblings. Let me see, 4 siblings + 1 brown dog = 5. Yes, total is five. Now am I a good mathematician. Don't test my mathematics ok, I very good one ok. I got Phd in Mathematics hor. The Marshal continued. One by one this dogs siblings began to disappear when they were just puppies. I think the puppies are cute, not that this one is not. But it has grown to be quite big. The Marshal said this dog is the peaceful type and would not bother golfers. Now, I can rest assured it won't attack me. Man, I could write a book just describing the dog. But time's up for us to tee off. 7.38am.

The Marshal called out. First to tee off, Mr. Francis Chia Kok Hui follow by Mr. Chong Cheong Heng and TDO (Kidding, he didn't know TDO existed). Ok, now I serious liao. I don't care about what and how these 2 better golfers played because it's quite boring. I am more exciting, looking at my final score in Round 1.


Hole 1 – 476m Par 5 Index 4
Shot 1 - Ball on left of fairway. Got the best view to the green but can regular OTG is another matter. My standard of OTG means 3 on not 2 like the pros and some people here. On reaching my ball, saw man's best friend lying and basking in the bunker. It's a brown bitch (female dog hor not obscenity ok). I whistled to it to get it's attention while waiting for my turn. She ignored me. Oh well.
Shot 2 - Took 3w and gave it a whack. Ball traveled to the right of the fairway with about 145m to go. It wasn't a good shot but I am happy.
Shot 3 - Took 6i and whacked the ball and duffed it slightly. Ball landed short of green. Haiz!
Shot 4 - Chipped with 9i and ball ran 18' past the hole.
Shot 5 - Putted downhill and ball came to rest 1' next to hole.
Shot 6 - Putted in. How can I miss a 1' putt right? Bogey for me.

Hole 2 – 304m Par 4 Index 14
Shot 1 - Ball on right fairway near 100m marker. Happy man.
Shot 2 - Ball on green with 8i. ya la ya la. Some people use only SW or PW but I old man liao. Excuse me please. Ball ran past hole about 16'
Shot 3 - Another downhill putt. How come always downhill putt one har? And green is bery fast wor. Ball lying about 8" next to hole.
Shot 4 - Par. Got my first par. Quickly write down score in case I forgot.

Hole 3 – 451m Par 5 Index 2
Shot 1 - Ball right in middle of fairway. Now that's what I call golf. I am beginning to enjoy it because it's longest drive in my flight. Never mind it’s not a long drive but I beat both my flight mates who are rank higher. :-)
Shot 2 - With about 240m to reached green I took out 3w hoping to get it as close to the green as possible. Katuput! Ball traveled only 80m with my 3w. Damned! Duffed the ball. I am now left with still a still make-able 3 OTG 165m uphill shot.
Shot 3 – Using 5w, the ball flew to where I want it not to go, left of green but past the bunkers guarding it. Found the ball lying on the rough but with reasonable lie.
Shot 4 – I was still thinking of Par for the hole. Using Pw, I hit the equator of ball and it careened past the hole by about 19’. Now facing a slightly uphill lie, I have to make the putt for Par.
Shot 5 – Putted the ball slightly to right of hole a bit too hard and it again went past the hole by about 4’.
Shot 6 – Putted in for bogey.

Hole 4 – 149m Par 3 Index 16
Shot 1 – With 6i in hand, I send the ball along with divot at the tee box even though it was teed up to just before the green, 25m before the flag. Geez! How can I duffed with the ball teed up.
Shot 2 – Using 9i for chip and run, the ball stopped 9’ on the right of hole.
Shot 3 – Putted and ball passed hole to left and lie 2.5’ away.
Shot 4 – Tapped in for bogey. Uneventful hole.

Hole 5 – 335m Par 4 Index 10
Shot 1 – Driver in hand, I send it to left of fairway or so I though and it had to end up in the bunker. Damned!
Shot 2 – Seeing the reasonable lie though it was slightly in some inconsiderate golfer’s shoe print, with 150m to green I thought 5w could put the ball OTG. Instead I fluffed it to the left of the rough. I could still put it OTG in 3 and get away with at most a bogey as it’s only 90m.
Shot 3 – Nine iron should do the OTG trick. Ball fell short and ended up in bunker before green on the left. The adventure now begins.
Shot 4 – With Sw, I didn’t take enough sand and ball went straight past the flag and to the bunker on the right of green.
Shot 5 – Again with Sw, this time the ball came out but I caught it too heavy and it landed on the fairway before the fringe with 30’ to hole.
Shot 6 – I am not going to take anymore chance with my poor chipping skill and downhill green, I chose to putt instead, just to play safe. Ball went 4’ pass the hole on the right.
Shot 7 – Putted in for triple bogey. First blemish on score card.

Hole 6 – 414m Par 5 Index 6
Shot 1 – I want to put the adventure of the previous hole behind. Was holding driver in hand until I saw my flight mates using 3w and realized there’s water just at the 210m mark. With strong tail wind I decided to switch to 3w. Heng ah! Didn’t use driver. If not driver will send my ball to the watery grave. Whacked the ball and felt good until it started to curl slight to left but passed the bunkers on left. On reaching where I thought my ball was, I could not find it. Then I looked down to the left, and that idiot ball seems to be telling me, “Sir, I’m in the bunker hor”. Felt foolish and thought this would also be an adventure hole for me, once again.
Shot 2 – I care not two hoots and used my 5w. Stance was tough with ball on uphill slope of sand. And the sand is so damned soft it’s difficult to plant my feet firmly in it. But that I did and proceed to give it a good wallop. Ball happily sailed over the watery grave as if waving to the water as it landed on the other side of the fairway. Phew!
Shot 3 – With 110m, 8i for me to bring the ball OTG. That I did with finesse though the result could have been better. But WTH, only 15’ on the right of hole. Easy par at most. Birdie would be a bonus.
Shot 4 – Putted ball 1’ to right of hole.
Shot 5 – Par and gave myself a slap on the back. Sandy Par.

Hole 7 – 314m Par 4 Index 8
Shot 1 – Drove ball to right of fairway to avoid the bunker on the left waiting to catch those uneducated balls. Ball instead kicked left as fairway was sloping to left. Drove buggy forward and found ball happily staring at bunker from the fairway 6 feet away. Should be an easy 8i from 110m.
Shot 2 – The 8i sent the ball to the right of green and into bunker. “He who laugh first laugh last” the bunker seems to be saying. It’s ok, at most I get away with a bogey.
Shot 3 – Sw didn’t get the ball out of bunker. Now this is serious.
Shot 4 – Ball OTG, only just with 17’ to hole. I must make this putt.
Shot 5 – Make the putt I did not and it went pass the hole by 2.5’.
Shot 6 – Tap in for double bogey/ Cry!
Hole 8– 142m Par 4 Index 18
Shot 1 – The distance is misleading and don’t look to be 142m. I opted for 7i. I normally would use 6i for this distance. Ball OTG. Yea! And nearest to pin in my flight though it’s 12’ away from hole on the left.
Shot 2 – Slight downhill putt and ball kissed the edge of hole and went by 2’. Missed birdie.
Shot 3 – Tapped in Par.

Hole 9 – 267m Par 4 Index 12
Shot 1 – Easy hole, I thought. Driver in hand, sent the ball to just right of fairway rough.
Shot 2 – Uphill and 80m to green with ball in rough, I want to charge with 8i. That I did and it landed beautifully on right of green.
Shot 3 – Makeable putt from 14’ but missed it to 2’ right of hole.
Shot 4 – Tapped in Par.

Score for 1st Nine – 45 Not much of an adventure for 1st Nine, but I am beginning to feel hungry. Only had 2 slices of bread and that’s not enough for a big man like me. I consider myself big, never mind my weight but watch my tummy. It’s undesirable for many.


[u]Hole 10 – 335m Par 4 Index 14[/u]
Shot 1 – Driver sent the ball 220m to the left fairway.
Shot 2 – With 115m to green, used 8i but duffed it. Don’t tell or remind me of the alien please. I have only 30m to flag.
Shot 3 – Chipped to green with 15’ to hole.
Shot 4 – Putted ball past the hole leaving a 3’ putt. This is a knee-jerker putt.
Shot 5 – Put ball in hole for bogey.

[u]Hole 11 – 146m Par 3 Index 16[/u]
Shot 1 – The look of the flag does not justify the 146m. I would normally use a 6i if the distance is correct. With tail wind, I took the chance and use 7i instead. Ball landed on back left of green with a 15’ putt.
Shot 2 – Slight downhill putt, aimed for the right lip of hole. Ball just kissed the lip the lip and ended up 6” past the hole. Cheeky ball.
Shot 3 – Tapped in for Par.

[u]Hole 12 – 343m Par 4 Index 12[/u]
Shot 1 – Driver sent ball to left rough with 165m to hole. Nice view of the reservoir on the left from where my ball lies.
Shot 2 – Uses 5w and duffed the ball sending it to the 90m mark.
Shot 3 – Pitched ball with 9i only for it to land on left fringe.
Shot 4 – Putted from fringe and ball went 18” right of hole.
Shot 5 – Tapped in for bogey.

[u]Hole 13 – 133m Par 3 Index 18[/u]
Shot 1 – With 7i, ball landed 15m short of green. How come ah?
Shot 2 – Chipped and skulled the ball and it careened 25’ past the hole. What kind of a golfer am I? Can’t even do a simple chip!
Shot 3 – Downhill putt. Looks straight to me. Ball went for hole only for it to tease me by suddenly turning left of hole just as it was 3” from hole and ended up 6’ behind. If only I had putted a bit harder. If only. Life is full of “If onlys”.
Shot 4 – Tapped in for bogey.

[u]Hole 14 – 364m Par 4 Index 4[/u]
Shot 1 – Driver for me and ball landed on right fairway with 155m to flag. Decent shot.
Shot 2 – 5w seems a good idea to get it OTG. Alamak! Teochew ball and it hit one of the trees on the left before the bunker. Didn’t know where it landed. Parked buggy and walked back about 25m to look for it. Found ball resting beneath the tree. Heng ah! No obstruction to backswing.
Shot 3 – With 25m to flag, it should be an easy chip. Used Pw and place ball closer to right leg to de-loft the clubface as there’s a low hanging tree branch just 15’ in front of ball. Dang! Duffed the shot and it landed 8’short of green.
Shot 4 – Played safe and putted from outside green since my chipping is jokingly terrible. Ball went left and 6’ short of hole.
Shot 5 – It’s either make or screw it for me. Slight break to left, putted it 2’ right of hole. Screwed!
Shot 6 – Tapped in double bogey for hole. Not a happy man.

[u]Hole 15 – 414m Par 5 Index 6[/u]
Shot 1 – Driver no go. With tail wind and too short landing area, 3w is a safer bet and 3w it shall be. Gave the ball a good whack and a teochew man came screaming out of the ball and ball flew to the left and ended in the watery grave.
Shot 3 – Dropped ball about 20’ behind the water. With 5w, sent the ball on its way across the watery grave that just gobbled my 1st ball. It landed left of fairway with 115m to pin.
Shot 4 – Head wind and 115m to pin, hmm, 8i should do the trick. Katupooi! Duffed once again and idiot ball went left and landed in the bunker fronting the green.
Shot 5 – Sw to get the ball out and hope to get it near the pin and get away with bogey. Instead, took too much sand and ball didn’t clear the bunker and rolled back into sand, again. Better lie this time.
Shot 6 – Managed to get ball on green as it rolled past the flag 25’ away. Haiz! Another downhill putt.
Shot 7 - Putted ball close to hole 3” to the right. But close does not mean it’s in the hole.
Shot 8 – Tapped in triple bogey. Wanted to kick myself in the arse but refrained as it would dirty my pants.

[u]Hole 16 – 328m Par 4 Index 8[/u]
Shot 1 – Driver sent the ball to the left and into the bunker. OMG! What is happening to me?
Shot 2 – With 140m to green, used 5i to hopefully get it OTG. I now have to depend on hope and I can no longer depend on my erratic skill. Saw 3 electrical workers 40m to the left of the bunker. Strange how the mind play tricks, I saw, I hit and ball went left towards the workers but not before hitting the tree and ricochet to the right rough.
Shot 3 – Took shot with 9i, taking into consideration the rough, I became the tournament’s top player and topped the ball so badly it careened past the green and into the back of the green’s downhill slope. All dreams of making the cut came crashing down on me as I knew there is water behind the green.
Shot 5 – Could not locate my ball and dropped ball after asking flight mates if it’s the right procedure to drop the ball at point of entry. But slope is too severe to drop the ball. I therefore placed the ball on the slope and chipped with 9i. Ball landed on green, only just, and lie something like 30’ away from pin.
Shot 6 – Slight uphill and putted ball to right, 2’ away from hole.
Shot 7 – Tapped in triple bogey. Started mental planning for what to take for lunch. Forget the game. Won’t make it this time round again. So don’t think too much. Just enjoy the 2 days of social golfing, though not much talking was done with my flight mates.

[u]Hole 17 – 294m Par 4 Index 10[/u]
Shot 1 – Driver sent ball right to the middle of fairway. Longest drive among the 3 of us. Actually, the lower handicapper was further but his ball is in the rough so tak kira (not counted).
Shot 2 – Only 85m to green. Kiasu a bit because of strong headwind, used 9i to get ball OTG. It went past the pin stopping 15’ away. Happy man!
Shot 3 – Easy, slight downhill putt for birdie. Tweet! Tweet! And it flew away 5” to the left of hole.
Shot 4 – Tapped in Par. Sweet return to golf.

[u]Hole 18 – 404m Par 5 Index 2[/u]
Shot 1 – Driver sent ball to right and into bunker.
Shot 2 – With 210m to hole, tried using 5w to get ball out of bunker and as near as possible to the green. Played too much sand and ball travel 50m out of sand in leisurely pace. It’s ok, still possible to get it OTG in 3.
Shot 3 – Uphill green and 160m to it, 5w should do the trick. Katupooi! Again! And ball nearly went into flower bed on the right.
Shot 4 – Left with 85m to go, I opted for 9i, never mind if it’s over-clubbed. My iron skill is like trash anyway. Got ball on the green and 16’ past the flag.
Shot 5 – Par chance coming up. Slight downhill putt to right. Let it go and it went right alright 1’ but not into the hole.
Shot 6 – Tapped in for bogey.

Summary: Ho-hum day. Have to work harder tomorrow.
Scorecard: 93
Fairways hit: 7 of 14
Putting: 32
Lost balls: 1

Note: Round 2 of my story will continue at my leisurely time when I can find it. Cool

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PostSubject: Re: 1st Singapore National Senior Amateur Championship   Fri Nov 23, 2012 3:57 pm

Thanks for sharing TDO...keep it coming !! Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: 1st Singapore National Senior Amateur Championship   Sat Nov 24, 2012 2:06 am

Nice sharing .. Way to go tdo
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PostSubject: Re: 1st Singapore National Senior Amateur Championship   Sat Nov 24, 2012 2:35 am

daztasiumz wrote:
Nice sharing .. Way to go tdo
Thanks for encouragement bro. Didn't enjoy the game much with the lousy scores that I played but I enjoy writing. Laughing
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PostSubject: Re: 1st Singapore National Senior Amateur Championship   Sat Nov 24, 2012 6:51 am

@TDO, love reading your hole by hole adventure, keep writing if time permit you.
As for me, I don't think I can remember my shot like you do hehehe.

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PostSubject: Re: 1st Singapore National Senior Amateur Championship   Sat Nov 24, 2012 1:00 pm

oldmangolfer wrote:
@TDO, love reading your hole by hole adventure, keep writing if time permit you.
As for me, I don't think I can remember my shot like you do hehehe.

Bro, remembering shots is one thing, playing well is another, which I cannot do nowadays, sadly. Sad
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Uncle Lau
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PostSubject: Re: 1st Singapore National Senior Amateur Championship   Sat Nov 24, 2012 1:22 pm

Thanks for sharing....taking your time to write and share is the trademark of a Reddotgolfer !!! cheers
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alfred lee
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PostSubject: Re: 1st Singapore National Senior Amateur Championship   Mon Nov 26, 2012 2:30 am

cool. i like your hole by hole details.
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PostSubject: Re: 1st Singapore National Senior Amateur Championship   Mon Nov 26, 2012 9:22 am

Thanks for the detail, enjoy reading your game...You will do better for round 2.
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PostSubject: Re: 1st Singapore National Senior Amateur Championship   

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1st Singapore National Senior Amateur Championship
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