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 W.I.M.P ? PART 90 --- Run away ball

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Uncle Lau
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PostSubject: W.I.M.P ? PART 90 --- Run away ball   Mon Feb 06, 2012 10:07 am

I remember reading this Golf Rule Quiz long time ago when i was still playing in Seletar Base with Uncle Donald, we were than taking our Golf Rules Test, this question was pop up by Seletar Tester for general discussion before tea break....

4 golfers was on the golf course playing with buggy on course. Buggy A - Uncle Lau and Saltydog, Buggy B - Uncle Lim and Uncle Soo. Cool

Buggy B was near the trees by the side of this long par 5 holes, Uncle Lim and Uncle Soo was on the ground looking for Uncle Soo ball. The Buggy B was left unattended.

Meanwhile Uncle Lau whacked his 5 wood for the 2nd shot, it slice toward the tree, hit one of the branches and fell on top of Buggy B. Uncle Lau thought it was lost in the woods played another ball from last position and recorded a lost ball penalty, than drove forward to his ball 150m away.

Meanwhile Uncle Lim and Uncle Soo took the buggy B (with uncle Lau ball on top of the buggy)and drove forward to 150m mark left side of the fairway. They went over the left side OB line to look for Uncle Soo balls which went into the left side OB brushes.

Both buggy meet and stopped at the 70m marker as now all 4 balls are near to each other. Uncle Lim than complained to saltydog that his buggy roof was noisy with sound like ball rolling, as Uncle Lim and uncle Soo are old, they could not climb on top to see. Saltydog offered to take a look and to his surprised, Saltydog found Uncle lau 1st ball.

Now Buggy B have moved from the 1st position where Uncle Lau ball landed on the roof, drove into the OB line and out. If Uncle Lau 1st ball was taken into play, what is Uncle Lau penalty ???

pale pale pale
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Established Member
Established Member

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PostSubject: Re: W.I.M.P ? PART 90 --- Run away ball   Mon Feb 06, 2012 11:28 pm

Just take unplayable and drop the shot? So only one shot penalty?
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RDG Top Contributer
RDG Top Contributer

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PostSubject: Re: W.I.M.P ? PART 90 --- Run away ball   Tue Feb 07, 2012 1:50 am

Once you declare lost ball and drop your new ball, there is no turning back. Sorry... What a Face

Don't cry over spilled milk... lol!

PS : (No penalty, if you can discover the ball on the roof top early, and drop from the proximity landing area. )
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Established Member
Established Member

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PostSubject: Re: W.I.M.P ? PART 90 --- Run away ball   Tue Feb 07, 2012 4:09 am

yeap. second ball is now in play.
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PostSubject: Re: W.I.M.P ? PART 90 --- Run away ball   

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W.I.M.P ? PART 90 --- Run away ball
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