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 W.I.M.P ? PART 89 - Celebration woes

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Uncle Lau
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PostSubject: W.I.M.P ? PART 89 - Celebration woes   Sun Feb 05, 2012 3:47 pm

W.I.M.P ? PART 89 - Celebration woes

Base on a true incident, the names have been change to protect the innocents....

* SICC senior golfers were having their weekend game along the reservoir, 4 senior golfers, Uncle Lau, Uncle Yeo, Uncle Chng and Uncle Shaw. These are regular golfers who play in their usual afternoon teetime.

As their all approached a short par 5 green guarded by front bunker, Uncle Lau 3 shot landed in the front bunker, the other 3 golfers landed short of the green.

As the 3 golfers played 4 on the green, Uncle Lau step into the green, he step up his stance and whacked the ball out of the bunker, the ball rolled in for a birdie. Uncle Lau was so happy that he shouted and cheer out loud. As he was jumping around, he lost balance and fell backward, his sand wedge touches the sand. Shocked

Uncle Chng immediately informed Uncle Lau that he incurred a penalty for having his Sand wedge grounded the sand. Uncle Lau defended saying his ball already out of the sand and has already holed in. Uncle Lau too informed Uncle Chng he also incurred a penalty the last hole when he played his ball out of the bunker, than instead of using a sand rack to rack the sand Uncle Chng used his sand wedge to rack the sand !!!

*** Who than should be gulity and incurred a penalty ??? ***

study scratch

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Certified Rules Official
Certified Rules Official

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PostSubject: Re: W.I.M.P ? PART 89 - Celebration woes   Mon Feb 06, 2012 5:16 am

pls refer to Rule 13-4 Very Happy
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Legendary Member
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PostSubject: Re: W.I.M.P ? PART 89 - Celebration woes   Mon Feb 06, 2012 5:27 am

13-4. Ball in Hazard; Prohibited Actions
Except as provided in the Rules, before making a stroke at a ball that is in a hazard (whether a bunker or a water hazard) or that, having been lifted from a hazard, may be dropped or placed in the hazard, the player must not:
a. Test the condition of the hazard or any similar hazard;
b. Touch the ground in the hazard or water in the water hazard with his hand or a club; or
c. Touch or move a loose impediment lying in or touching the hazard.
1. Provided nothing is done that constitutes testing the condition of the hazard or improves the lie of the ball, there is no penalty if the player (a) touches the ground or loose impediments in any hazard or water in a water hazard as a result of or to prevent falling, in removing an obstruction, in measuring or in marking the position of, retrieving, lifting, placing or replacing a ball under any Rule or (b) places his clubs in a hazard.
2. At any time, the player may smooth sand or soil in a hazard provided this is for the sole purpose of caring for the course and nothing is done to breach Rule 13-2 with respect to his next stroke. If a ball played from a hazard is outside the hazard after the stroke, the player may smooth sand or soil in the hazard without restriction.
3. If the player makes a stroke from a hazard and the ball comes to rest in another hazard, Rule 13-4a does not apply to any subsequent actions taken in the hazard from which the stroke was made.
Note: At any time, including at address or in the backward movement for the stroke, the player may touch, with a club or otherwise, any obstruction, any construction declared by the Committee to be an integral part of the course or any grass, bush, tree or other growing thing.

Match play – Loss of hole; Stroke play – Two strokes.
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Highly Valued Member
Highly Valued Member

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PostSubject: Re: W.I.M.P ? PART 89 - Celebration woes   Mon Feb 06, 2012 8:10 am

The Sand Wedge touched the ground AFTER the shot was made and it should not be regarded testing of ground condition. Thus, there shouldn't be a penalty incurred.
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RDG Top Contributer
RDG Top Contributer

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PostSubject: Re: W.I.M.P ? PART 89 - Celebration woes   Mon Feb 06, 2012 8:38 am

DQ both for quarreling over non penalty stroke!! What a Face
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PostSubject: Re: W.I.M.P ? PART 89 - Celebration woes   

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W.I.M.P ? PART 89 - Celebration woes
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